Trying Windows Live Writer again

Apparently they have made some improvements. I always wanted a good desktop blogging client. This seems pretty good so far. It’s annoying that you have to install it with the annoying Windows Live installer though. Hasn’t Microsoft learn anything? Stop trying to change my default search provider! Also, the fact that Windows Messenger 2009 is […]


Argh. I’m playing with a quad core Mac Pro at work (that has 4gb) and this thing is waaay faster than the mac mini. Depressingly so. I could totally handle this level of performance at home. And this is with a roughly 2+ year old machine. I also don’t notice the weird “slow framerate” effect […]

More rambling: Keynote and video editing

So the Macworld keynote was lame. Phil Schiller is boring to watch, not just because his announcements were boring, but also because he lacks the same enthusiasm and RDF of Jobs. There’s just something very blah blah about Schiller’s intonation. As for the stuff that was announced. iPhoto, kind of interesting. Face recognition I would […]

Mac Mini '09 wish list

Instead of trying to predict what they’re going to announce, how about I write down what I would want in a new Mac Mini: Up to 8GB of RAM (some notebooks can do this already) Nvidia chip (sounds like a lock) SSD (cost probably doesn’t work out, but an option would be nice) eSATA (I […]

End/Beginning of year rambling

Lets start off with New Years resolutions: Keep my desk cleaner. Eat better. Try modified diets to deal with health issues. But in general, I should really stop eating so much sugary and bready foods. Take more photos. Speak Japanese to Kaio. This is, for some reason, harder than I expected. I think part of […]

Package development based on VCS

I’ve always been annoyed that distros don’t do their package management using VCS systems. I mean, how hard is it, really? You import tarballs. Maintain local patches. Build packages from your source tree. Yes, sometimes you might have to translate between upstream VCS’s and your VCS of choice, but still, the benefits seem to far […]

"Dynamic" FIR filter patch

This patch modifies freetype to look for a “FT_FITLER_PARAMS” environment variable, and then dynamically generate a FIR filter matrix from those parameters. Patch file here. It applies against freetype 2.3.7 from the ubuntu repository (though it should apply just fine to upstream 2.3.7. FT_FITLER_PARAMS should have two floating point numbers separated by a space. Each number […]

More font progress?

More hacking. I wrote a patch so that freetype will optionally generate the FIR filter it used during subpixel rendering on-the-fly based on an environment variable. I’ll put the patch and packages up shortly. Here’s another shot of the “hello” google search. Look better than the last one? I dunno. It’s certainly less fringy to […]