Monitor fun ends, finally

Ok, I’ve had the 2490 for about a week now, and I can definitely say I made the right choice. No crappy wide gamut. No crappy screen coating. Fantastic viewing angles. Fantastic color and brightness uniformity. And ghosting and input lag don’t seem to be issues. There is some bleeding when the screen is dark, […]

Monitor fun continues

Yes, I know. This blog is turning into me rambling about monitors. Or maybe it always was. I dunno. Anyways, I returned the Hp 2475w because of the green/pink tints. I bought it through CDW since a sales rep that told me that they had a 30-day refund policy, but I found out through all […]

New monitor

After dilly-dallying for 9 months or so, I finally pulled the trigger on a new monitor, the HP LP2475w, and it arrived today. Initial impressions are pretty good. It’s definitely not as sparkly as the 3007WFP-HC was. That’s good. It’s still wide gamut, so now I have to go find a calibrator to buy. Joy. […]

OpenSUSE 11 notes

In a another bout of self-abuse (I should really see someone about this tendency…), I installed OpenSUSE 11 on my desktop at Work. It’s actually pretty slick. The installer looks really nice, and appears to work well. I think all my hardware was actually detected. Actually, the auto-detection worked too well. My mouse ended up […]


Yes, I know it’s totally cliche already, but I’m going to comment on Chrome anyways. I think Google has a hit with this one. It’s not even done yet, and I can already consider using it as my primary browser. It’s a great example of putting a lot of thought into a relatively small number […]

Winamp lives

I had not used Winamp in ages.. not since college probably. At one point in time, it was what everyone used. It was the only good way to play mp3’s on Windows. Fastforward to today, I just discovered that Winamp has full library management capabilities, and a vastly expanded UI. The UI is actually somewhat […]

C# turning into C++?

Well, it will never get that bad I suppose, but the more I learn about C#, the more I wonder. C# started life as something similar to Java, but with a little bit more language facilities like delegates. Then they added generics. And now they have LINQ, and Expression stuff which looks like abstract syntax […]