Considering moving to blogger

If there’s something I’ve learned from work, it’s to start small. At the beginning, use pieces that are available to you already. Build quick prototypes, and only work on the hard parts as you really need them. I’ve spend a considerable amount of time working on blog systems, but in the exactly opposite manner. I […]

Jumping to specific windows in FVWM

I had another surge of motivation to switch back to FVWM, so I’m hacking away at my .fvwm2rc again. One particularly useful trick I’ve come up with is to be able to map key combinations to focus specific application windows. This works even if I’m looking at a different desk. As I tend to only […]

Fully hinted liberation fonts

While there was no official release, it appears that the second version of Redhat’s free “Liberation” fonts are available as an attachment on this bug report. This new version has full hinting information, which should improve rendering at small sizes on low-DPI displays (read: your computer monitor). Below’s the screenshot. Surely, an improvement over the […]

Hardy First Impressions

I’ve been playing around with the Ubuntu 8.04 pre-release versions in a VM. So far, things are looking good. Of course, I won’t know if things are really good until I run the thing on real hardware. Firefox 3 seems like an overall improvement, except for the new autocompletion window (too busy). The Gnome desktop […]

Dell 3007WFP-HC first impressions

So I’ve got this giant monitor sitting on my desk. It’s bright. It has very deep colors. Some reds and greens and oranges definitely look like colors I’ve never seen on a computer display before. It’s grainy. From googling, it appears to be the anti-glare coating that comes standard on all these types of monitors. […]

Linux on the Desktop part N + 1

Time again for my periodic trolling around the net for “Linux on the Desktop” articles. In this episode, I refer you to this Infoworld article, which talks about why Linux desktop hasn’t succeeded yet. The author, Randal Kennedy, claims that because of the development structure of Linux (how distributions serve as aggregation points), when a […]