Belkin Ergoboard Pro arrives

I know I’m behind on my reviews, but my excuse is that I didn’t have keyboard that I was happy enough with to write my reviews on. That may have changed, as I received the Belking ErgoBoard Pro (USB, black) today. First impresssions, aside from the lack of adjustability, are pretty positive. More to come […]


Found this webiste which has a very good listing of companies that either sell or manufacture ergonomic keyboards. A couple ergo keyboards to add to the list: Adesso Tru-Form Media (or Pro) Various keyboards made by ComfortKey The FrogPad (one-handed keyboard) Probably the most interesting out of these is the Adesso, since it has a […]

Keytronic arrives

I received my Keytronic E-series board at work today. Initial impressions are that it has a very unique feel that actually feels quite nice. The differently-weighted keys really causes an interesting effect. Mostly good I would say, except that now, the spacebar feels noticeably heavier than the rest of the keys. The sound of the […]

Ergonomic Keyboards

Due to my recent disillusionment of even using standard layout keyboards for work (even if they are of high quality), it’s time to look at the candidates for ergonomic keyboards. This time I’ll limit the search to $70 and under. Perusing around, I find: Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000: Microsoft’s latest split layout designed keyboard. […]

MacBook Keyboard

It looks like the new Apple MacBook has introduced a new type of keyboard. While it looks somewhat oldschool, early reviews say it has a tactile response that makes Powerbooks and MacBook Pro’s feel mushy in response. I guess I’ll have to find my way to an Apple store to check it out soon.

Back goes the Avant Prime

While it is a fine keyboard, I’ve decided to return the Avant Prime for several reasons: It doesn’t work well with my kvm switch at work. While this isn’t totally the keyboard’s fault, it makes it much less useful to me. It doesn’t work well through my ps/2-to-usb converter so using it at home on […]

I’m moving moving

back back, to WordPress WordPress… Moving the keyboard page back to being wordpress pages, for several reasons: Most visitors to this site come through the blog, so I want these pages to be visible to them right away It’s easier to keep a uniform theme if they’re integrated in Having to SSH in to edit […]

On to the next task

Now that I (hopefully) have a keyboard to use at work that I’m happy with, now to find one for home. The requirements may be slightly different here. For one thing, quieter is probably better. Also, looks matter here more, since in the near future, it’s going to be sitting atop my beautiful new desk. […]

Keyboard Pictures

I’ve added a few pictures to the keyboard page. I just took snaps of the models I have plus snaps of the key switches that support them. Not all of them are up as some of them are at work, and some didn’t come out too well and I’m too lazy to re-take them. I […]