So Yahoo!!!!! introduces a 5/month subscription service, just as I was telling my friend last night that I would go for it if it were under 10/month… but alas, it don’t work with the iPod. One can only hope that Apple will match them or even go beyond them once again. Either way, it looks […]

Waiting for stuff sucks

Powerbook is on a plane somewhere according to UPS. Refreshing the tracking page every 10 minutes is really depressing. I can’t move funds from my ING direct account to my Ameritrade account because ING has a minimum 10 day period between depositing funds and being able to withdraw those funds.

It ships!

T minus a few days until it arrives. Turns out, it shipped from Shanghai. I guess a lot of the technology manufacturing market has moved from Taiwan to Shanghai. Makes sense. Sounds like they’ve been really ramping up there.

Fix up the theme a little bit

Finally got my hands dirty and customized the look a little bit. CSS seems to be very cool and yet very sphagetti-code like at the same time. Anyways, at least now the letters don’t look smashed together. I’m not sure what the deal with that was. Font designers put a lot of time into getting […]

Damnit Berkeley

Apparently my name and SSN were also on that laptop that got stolen.. didn’t get the letter until now because they sent it to my parent’s place in Oregon. What a pain. Do they keep around the info of everyone and anyone who ever heard of the school?


Finally opened myself an ameritrade account. I got an ING direct account already, but the 3% return seems pretty sad compared to what some of the better mutual funds do. So much information though, not sure where to start reading.

The reliability of extended features

It’s funny. After you use open-source software exclusively for a few years, you get this mentality where you don’t try to push the software very hard. Complex features are expected to work only in limited cases, and if avoidable, should be avoided, unless the software has been out with that feature for more than 5 […]


Sometimes you just need to find out about Firefox’s extensions. It turns out all the fun tabbed browser settings are now in a separate extension. Great!, so obvious. I really think they should ship some of the most popular extensions with the default package, and have some quick way to turn on the ones you […]