NCR HO150-STD1-09-17

This is a really old-school keyboard I borrowed from my co-worker Edward, who has apparently been using them for a quite a while. They appear to be a custom made model, that has somewhat of an old layout. Control is where capslock is, Alt is where control is, there are no separate directional keys. Edward […]

Cherry ML-4100

Model: Cherry Corporation, ML-4100 Mechanism: Cherry ML switch. Cost: Loaner Updated: May 22, 2006 A salesman for Cherry products actually lent this one to Edward to play with, so I borrowed it from him and hooked it up to my work PC. h3. Key switches I’ve typed on it for about half a day, and […]

Datadesk Technologies Smartboard

*Model*: Datadesk Technologies SmartBoard UPC-5000 *Switch Type*: ALPS switches. *Cost*: ~$100 This one actually came with pretty high hopes, expectations. Not only does it claim to have good switches, it has a interesting ergo layout that kinda makes sense, yet isn’t so different from QWERTY that it’s disorienting. h3. Layout and Ergonomics Several features about […]

Ergonomic Keyboards

Due to my recent disillusionment of even using standard layout keyboards for work (even if they are of high quality), it’s time to look at the candidates for ergonomic keyboards. This time I’ll limit the search to $70 and under. Perusing around, I find: Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000: Microsoft’s latest split layout designed keyboard. […]

MacBook Keyboard

It looks like the new Apple MacBook has introduced a new type of keyboard. While it looks somewhat oldschool, early reviews say it has a tactile response that makes Powerbooks and MacBook Pro’s feel mushy in response. I guess I’ll have to find my way to an Apple store to check it out soon.

IBM Model M13 1998

*Model*: IBM Model M13 *Cost*: $20 (surplus sale) *Key Mechanism*: Buckling Spring *Other Features*: PS2, old 101-key layout (no GUI/Windows keys), integrated Trackpoint pointing device This is probably one of the newest buckling spring-based models that was made under the IBM brand. It includes a trackpoint nub in the middle to use as a mouse, […]

Kinesis Maxim

I ordered this keyboard and the Smartboard at the same time. I had read several positive reviews, though they all mentioned that this keyboard does not have mechanical switches. It’s main claim to fame is that it splits down the middle, with an adjustable split angle. The user can also adjust the tilt of the […]

Back goes the Avant Prime

While it is a fine keyboard, I’ve decided to return the Avant Prime for several reasons: It doesn’t work well with my kvm switch at work. While this isn’t totally the keyboard’s fault, it makes it much less useful to me. It doesn’t work well through my ps/2-to-usb converter so using it at home on […]

CVT Avant Prime

A clone of the famous, old Northgate Omnikey keyboard. The one work-day review: Here are a few first impressions that I wanted to write down before I forgot them. This is after using the keyboard for one full work day. Switch feel: So far, they feel very nice. They feel almost the same as the […]


Adding advertising to a site is a difficult exercise in exercising taste and restraint. I’ve hope my choices were reasonable. What you should see is an ad at the top of the sidebar, and on the keyboard pages, you’ll see one right at the top of the page. This should roughtly match my exposure rate […]