Bong Su

This is Palo Alto’s Tamarine’s sister restaurant in SOMA. It’s advertised as a high end vietnamese cuisine, just like Tamarine, and it delivers pretty well. I’ve been there twice, and both times have been good experiences. The Shaking Beef, the lamb chops, the monkfish, duck mustard wrap appetizer, as well as the banana beignet and […]

Linear switches in Deck Keyboards

I’ve mentioned “Deck keyboards”: before. They use Cherry switches and have backlit designs which seem pretty high quality. Unfortunately, according to this “post on their forums”:, they use the ‘linear’ style Cherry switches, which I find the most annoying.

Another day another theme

K2 was looking too much like the default theme, and it was also messing up my customizations for some reason. Here’s my attempt at picking a simpler base, and making things more functional. Unfortunately, no more AJAX-powered search though.