Early evening for Topical Steroids

“A page from eczemaguide.com”:http://www.eczemaguide.com/eczema_treatments/topical/topical_corticosteroids.html claims that “early evening” is the best time to apply topical steroids, though provides no scientific reason why that’s the case. There are a lot of pages that have a breakdown of corticosteroids by potency, but the group them into vague groups such as “mild” and “potent,” whereas most doctors carry […]

Safety of Topical Calcineurin Inhibitors

There seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding the safety of topical tacrolimus (Protopic) and pimecrolimus (Elidel) for the treatment of AD, in terms of whether there is a risk that they cause cancer. It all climaxed with the FDA sending out “black box warnings” on these products. “Here’s an article”:http://www.skinandaging.com/article/5886 that surveys several […]

A new topic

I tend to spend a lot of time on the internet reading about health. About various types of diseases, their treatments, and available medications. I don’t think I’m particularly obsessed about it, rather, a lot of it is directly relevant to me. I’ve had to deal with a variety of allergic/atopic diseases (hay fever, atopic […]

The reality of keyboard ergonomics

A recent realization has got me wondering about ergonomics of keyboards. When I moved offices at work, my new office had a slightly higher desk, and no keyboard tray. Now, with such a desk, I sat at a lower height compared to that of the keyboard, and when I extended my hands to my keyboard, […]

Predicting javac's behavior

I really like java as a language, but the behavior of the compiler can be a pain in the ass to deal with. The problem with javac, is that it does some stuff that is akin to what make does. It figures out dependencies and compiles them for you. It tries to understand your source […]