Waiting for Vista… Support

Yesterday I worked up the motivation to take the Vista plunge: installing Vista Enterprise on my work machine. Before I started, I did a last minute check. I mean, if I’m going to put it on my main work machine, then it had better support all the software that I need to do my work. […]

The Importance of Names

Whenever I create a website, I always make a mistake when choosing directory names. For example, I choose the name “wp” for my directory that houses my wordpress install, and I make my blog URL reflect that. When it comes time to try a different blog system (textpattern or MT) Now I’m stuck with the […]

Movable Type vs WordPress

So I just installed Movable Type to try it out, and so far I like what I see. The whole experience feels a lot more ‘professional’ than WordPress, though it’s hard to point out exactly why. Maybe it’s knowing that there’s a commercial company behind it, and it uses the same software to run thousands […]

Shielding Lotion vs Moisturizer

Most literature about atopic dermatitis and eczema will talk about how you should use a good moisturizer all the time, to keep your skin in good shape and less susceptible to external irritants. Today, I came across a few products that claim a new product type, the _shielding lotion_, which they explicitly differentiate from a […]

My new standard for laptop battery life

I’ve been using my X60 for a few days, mostly at home while sitting on the couch or in bed. In this very short amoutn of time, this laptop has established itself as the one which I’ll be comparing all others to in terms of battery performance. In the “Thinkpad default” power profile, with normal […]