Movable Type vs WordPress

So I just installed Movable Type to try it out, and so far I like what I see. The whole experience feels a lot more ‘professional’ than WordPress, though it’s hard to point out exactly why. Maybe it’s knowing that there’s a commercial company behind it, and it uses the same software to run thousands […]

Muir woods

The extreme contrast between sun rays and dark forest were a bit much for my camera. I had to use Aperture’s shadow enhancement to give this shot a little more balance. I feel like it could use a bit more contrast as well, but I like it quite a bit as it is.


A friend suggested to me that I look into filesystem recovery tools for my recently lost photos. It turns out there are tons of them, especially for lost photos on memory cards. Of the many available for the Mac, I chose PhotoRescue (which appears to be made by the same people who make the legendary […]

Crashing waves

What’s the trick to capturing waves crashing on to rock? I took so many pictures of this scene, and yet this mediocre shot was the best one I got. Do I need to be closer? Do I just need to frame it differently? (this one is cropped already.)