Back to KDE

Shortly after declaring that I’m back on FVWM, now I’m back on KDE. FVWM is just too annoying to build up the configuration that you want (and the default configuration is very very far from what I want). At least KDE attempts to put a GUI around it. Its really amazing just how much more […]


I’ve started using FVWM plus gnome at work. Its a bit of a pain in the ass to get gnome to run a separate window manager cleanly, but it does seem to work now. One annoying bug that people do seem to know about is that if you have multiple gnome panels, then the come […]

FC3 in vmware

Damn, this thing is super slow. I’m writing from it right now. Although the X server seems to be ok, doing a simple “yum update kernel” is super duper slow. I guess this 4G/4G patch thing really does make a huge difference.. and this seems to be confirmed both in the VMware forums as well […]

Gentoo compiling optimizations

Sounds like a lot of black magic, but there’s a thread thats linked from the GWN.. Some of the more promising ones look like: Mount /var/tmp/portage on a ext2 filesystem with async and noatime Don’t use ccache if you don’t need it Perhaps I can add a third: Use debian 😉 But in all […]


So apparently, that bug that seems to hit everyone, where when you type a URL that points to a directory and you’re missing the trailling slash, it fucks up, well the solution is apparently to set the ServerName directive in your httpd.conf to the actual thing that resolves to your server. Since a URL that […]