Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5Pro review

Just got these today as well. I’ve only listened to them for maybe half an hour, but they sound very nice. I’ve never owned in-ear type earphones before, so I’m rather surprised by how much better it can sound. I’m sure it has to do with the quality of the earphones themselves too, but the […]

Macally iceKey 10 second review

I just got my iceKey delivered to me and I’ve been typing on it for about 2 minutes. First impressions.. it feels pretty nice. The keys are nice and light, and it feels much less straining though I feel like I’m still pressing too hard. Packaging: I’ve come to expect high quality packaging from buying […]

Azureus settings

Azureus has so many settings that its hard to figure out how to optimize your download speed. I think I’ve settled upon some settings that work pretty well (after reading through many forums with posts containing highly uninformed speculation) I have a 1.5mbps down 768 kbps up DSL line. So I set my max outgoing […]

My computer farts

So I downloaded an installed Adium X because I needed to chat with someone on Yahoo, and the Mac Yahoo messenger couldn’t be trusted. Why are the default send message and receive message sounds in Adium high and low pitched farts?