Goodbye Speakeasy

So I just waited for about 15 mintues on hold to cancel my speakeasy account. I suppose I waited a long time because I called at such an odd time. Anyhow, the guy that finally picked up was suprisingly pleasant. He just quickly asked me for the reason I’m quitting (I just gave him some […]

A New Hope…

After reading about keyboard ghosting problems on the internet today, it seems that the kind of problem I was seeing is actually unlikely to be a ghosting problem. As my co-worker Edward pointed out, ghosting due to matrix scanning shouldn’t be a timing dependent problem. If it is a ghosting problem, it should be perfectly […]

Back in the box it goes..

It was nice to know thee. But in the end, you were just too expensive to have such a fundamental flaw. In other news, reviews claim that MS’s new Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 has worse switches than the previous models.. so I guess that one is off my list. Does nobody care anymore?


Why can’t anyone just make a keyboard that works anymore.. I discovered that the Tactile Pro has the same kind of weird ghosting key problem as the Smartboard did. On the tactile pro, if I hit ‘o’, ‘p’, and the spacebar in that order with the right timing, sometimes I’ll get a spurios ‘enter’. This […]


Or should I say, I spent more than 5 mintues on it. Based on a photo I got really lucky with while walking on the pier at one of the beaches in Pacifica. It was so windy that the sea gull was hovering right above us for a good 20 seconds.

Chenery Park

A place tucked away in the Glen Park neighborhood. Yelp rated it pretty highly, and it did not disappoint. It serves Californian style food with a touch of Southern influence (Lisa got a seafood gumbo) With drink, appetizer, and dessert, the total came out to $40 a head — a reasonable rate for good food […]

Tactile Pro

Just got it today. And so far, I like it. It has almost the exact same feel as the SmartBoard, but a more normal layout. It’s also quite loud, but the keys aren’t as stiff as some others made it out to be. They’re actually quite light, just about what I like. It’s also clear […]


The cable guy came to set up my 8mbit service this morning. Seemed simple enough. Setting up the physical connection was simply a matter of connecting cables in my building’s cable box. Setting up the rest, on the other hand, sucked. The guy insisted that he had to install some software on my mac. He […]

Consumer education

I hate to sound smug (great South Park episode btw), but its really amazing to me how much even somewhat “saavy” computer users know so little about virtualization (and by saavy, I mean confident enough to post in some public forum about it.) There are so many misconceptions.. like: It’s just for software testers. While […]


Ponzu, a joint with pan-asian cuisine which I went to for my friend Andy’s birthday. I had seen it on various rankings so my expectations were pretty high, and this place did not disappoint. Pretty much everything I had their was good, if just a tad on a salty/heavy side. They tend to have very […]