Macally IceKey

Model: Macally IceKey Mechanism: Pantograph Scissor Switch Cost: $43 Other Features: Apple layout. Volume/Eject Keys. Built-in USB 2 port USB hub. Last Updated: May 22, 2006 I saw this keyboard under a different brand when I was in Japan, so I assume its re-branded from an OEM. Key Switches and Tops This keyboard uses the […]

I’m moving moving

back back, to WordPress WordPress… Moving the keyboard page back to being wordpress pages, for several reasons: Most visitors to this site come through the blog, so I want these pages to be visible to them right away It’s easier to keep a uniform theme if they’re integrated in Having to SSH in to edit […]

Apple Wireless Pro Keyboard

Model: Apple Wireless Pro A1016 Switch Type: Membrane/Rubber dome Cost: ~$70 The standard Apple bluetooth wireless keyboard that I picked up at the Apple store. Connectivity As this is a wireless bluetooth keyboard, my biggest initial concern was whether I was going to have any connectivity issues, and whether the bluetooth nature of it was […]

Matias Tactile Pro

*Model*: Matias Tactile Pro *Key Mechanism*: ALPS mechanical switch *Cost*: $125 *Other Features*: Integrated USB hub It took me a long time to work up to this one. In hindsight, I should have trusted the reviews on the web and tried it earlier. The 8 hour review. As in, I’ve had it for only 8 […]

Keyboards In Detail

Anyone who uses a keyboard all day for work knows the difference that the right keyboard can make in the quality of daily life. I’m continuously on the search or the best keyboard (which really just means something better than I have now). This page is intended for others who are picky about their keyboards […]

More on color

After staring at my new colorscheme for the keyboard page for a couple days, I’m not convinced that it’s actually easier to read. I’ve noticed that, while off white on dark grey looks fine for non-antialiased text, for anti-aliased test, dark on light seems better than light on dark. Also “boldness” is much more apparent […]

Color Schemes

I guess this is quickly becoming the place where I talk about all the little small things that bother me. In this episode, I look at color schemes, specifically, schemes for presenting text. I spend most of my time at work working with some sort of text terminal. I’ve spent a good portion of my […]

On to the next task

Now that I (hopefully) have a keyboard to use at work that I’m happy with, now to find one for home. The requirements may be slightly different here. For one thing, quieter is probably better. Also, looks matter here more, since in the near future, it’s going to be sitting atop my beautiful new desk. […]

Using Monaco in an xterm

If you split your work between a mac and linux a lot, you may wish to try to have the same terminal font across the two. I like Monaco that comes by default on the Mac, and today I figured out how to use it on my Linux box at work too. (Disclaimer: you might […]