coil whine

my new pc is awesome in every way except for this goddamn whine. I’m currently attempting to apply self-drying silicone to the offending component. My initial pass at it last night wasn’t particularly successful. Now I’ve glopped more of the stuff in and around the casing of coil in question. Here’s to hoping the stuff […]


I’m frustrated by people proclaiming the death of WP7. While I’ve only played with the dev phone (Samsung Taylor), what I saw was pretty good for v1.0 (in many ways, it’s a way better experience than iphone 1.0 was, though there were many years in between), and it sounds like the team is sprinting as […]


Well, it really seems like tumblr > wordpress more and more, so I guess I should give this some more time. Is there a WP to tumblr import btw? That would save me a lot of time. 


Ok, maybe that title will generate a bit of search traffic. It’s always the little things that you forget when you switch platforms. I’m writing down the very first things I notice after using my new desktop PC for a few days: Ugh to the coil whine. The Mac Mini was silent. May have to […]