Panasonic LX100 Review

I’ve been in the market for an enthusiast compact for a while now. I had my eyes set on the RX100mk3, but then out of nowhere, Panasonic announced the LX100. 4/3 sensor? check. Manual-ish controls? check. Fast autofocus? check. Built in EVF? check. Small size? check. I couldn’t resist, so as soon as the first couple reviews […]

A trip to Leica Store SF

It’s not often that the world’s largest Leica store (in terms of sq footage) opens up close to you, so last month, I dragged a couple of my coworkers/fellow enthusiasts to pay a visit. As you can see from the photo of the Noctilux above, they had the full set of very expensive Leica gear, […]

iOS 8 iPad wi-fi issues

So yea, if you’re googling to figure out some problem with your apple product, and it you end up on a Apple Support Communities thread, you’re wasting your time 99.99999% of the time. Except this time. iOS 8.0.2 seems to make the wifi on my retina iPad mini quite sad. More than 10 feet away […]

Olympus E-M1 vs A6000: Follow up

It’s been just about 2 months since my last post comparing these two cameras. When I wrote the last post, I hadn’t decided which camera to keep (since they greatly overlap in terms of usage scenarios) but I’ve recently decided to keep the E-M1, and sell the A6000. It really came down to the lens […]

Sony A6000 Index

A ongoing collection of videos / reviews / and other info about the Sony A6000 Online stores with reviews Amazon page BH Photo Video Review Articles DPReview’s first impressions DPReview’s final review Gold award The a6000 is a really solid camera and is better than its predecessor in almost every respect – anyone worried about […]

Managing photos and backup on a laptop

Having recently switched to a laptop for my primary machine, I spent a bunch of time reworking my storage strategy for all my photos and other files. Below is my attempt to document where I landed. Maybe it will help someone else. First a description of my requirements: I need a relatively large amount of […]