I often hear people talking about how they look for software “generalists”. I tend to think the term is somewhat misleading. I think it’s mostly used to contrast with “specialists”. The old breadth vs depth thing. But you don’t want people who will only have shallow(er) knowledge of lots of areas. A bunch of people […]

see through

I’m pretty sure this is new behavior in Chrome 11: It’s subtle, but non-selected tabs are now somewhat transparent. Really? Do people really like this stuff? IE9 does it too, and drives me nuts. Please, some designer out there, please tell me what this does aside from making things hard to read.


I hadn’t really thought about it that much, but I’ve basically abandoned wordpress. I don’t really know why. tumblr just feels a bit better designed. The dashboard page isn’t a clusterfuck. I don’t feel like it’s trying to make me pay for every little stupid feature. Is there a way to import posts from […]


Another unexpected peril of having 16GB of RAM: Win7 decides to create an equivalently sized swap file, taking up ~20% of my expensive free SSD space. Sigh. You would think “automatically manage swap file size” would also mean “notice that I never go beyond 10G and keep a really small swap file.”

genius of photobooth

I was going to try to do some work tonight, but ended up messing around, so I’m deciding to put down something I’ve been thinking about for a while. All modern Apple computers ship with a small application called Photo Booth. On quick glance, there’s not much to it. It just lets you take photos […]


Writing good code is only one part of the equation. Awesome implementation is only as good as the product which delivers it. Technologies don’t win, products do. A good product with bad implementation can and often beats a bad product with an good implementation.


I’m trying out tmux for a while. I’ve been a screen user for a pretty damn long time, but recently, my vim at work is causing screen to hang, and I always can only get out of it by kill -9’ing screen and losing all my state. Kinda makes the whole thing pointless. tmux seems […]


Since we fixed the most glaring font problems on FB for Japanese windows users, I decided I don’t have to force myself to live the pain anymore and switched back to a mac. Since I do this a lot, seemingly, I think I’ve managed to become mostly stateless. All my dotfiles are in svn. And […]