Modern Backup for DIY PC's

TL;DR: Big external drives are cheap. Don’t over-complicate your backup setup. Even if you have SSD+HDD, just get a big USB drive and backup to it (in addition to cloud backup). If you have a smaller case with space constraints, consider a USB DVDR, since, who really uses optical media these days? See below for […]

Fujifilm X-E1 links

I’ve been researching this camera a lot. A collection of the useful links I’ve found: Fujifilm USA’s official product page Fujifilm’s official sample images Review at Luminous Landscape “My First Week Fuji X-E1 Review” by Amy Medina at Steve Huff Photo¬†(added 10/22) Fuji X-E1 group on Flickr DPreview’s hands on preview Engadget’s hands on video […]