Perhaps I spoke too soon about Mountain lion. I discovered a pretty bad bug where the OS doesn’t remember the arrangement of your external monitors. Seems pretty bad, especially since they’re up to .2 and haven’t fixed it yet.

Surface pro

Interesting review of the surface pro by the penny arcade, who finds it a pretty good option for a content production use case, mainly because it has a proper digitizer. The more I read these, it’s interesting to note how people tend to talk about how surfaces don’t make good laptops, because of the kickstand […]

It looks like the experience is not universal, but the 10.8 upgrade for me was really awesome. I went from 10.7.latest to 10.8.2. Things are faster, and it made my battery life on my 2011 mbp go way up. Maybe the trick is to only go with even 10.x releases? There’s somewhat of a tick/tock […]