Japan Technology Update

Ok, here’s my “from the trenches” report on all the advances that have had a perceivable affect on daily life in Japan. This is mostly what I’ve noticed in comparison to when I was here briefly 2 years ago. Cell phones Everyone has nice phones. Everyone. Even your average house wife is sitting there on […]

Linux on the Desktop

Sorry, lame heading, I know. I’m just too lazy to think of anything better. A couple articles showed up on my radar that I wanted to mention. First up: Divining from the Entrails of Ubuntu’s Gutsy Gibbon by Bruce Byfield. The thing I noticed about this article is that while he expresses many complaints, a […]

Desktop Linux 2007

I don’t know how many posts I’ve written like this over the years. Too many, probably. With the release of Ubuntu Feisty, I yet again welled up with enthusiasm for a Linux desktop. Finally, something that’ll work, I thought. I created a partition on my desktop at home, as well as my laptop, both which […]

Using Proggy fonts in Ubuntu Gnome

I’m a fan of Proggy Programming Fonts for terminal use. But they don’t work out of the box on my Ubuntu machine. The reason seems to have something to do with my display’s DPI setting, in combination with the fact that the TTF versions of these fonts are not real embedded bitmap fonts. Actually, let […]

Score! I hope: NEC 2070NX-BK

I’ve been agonizing over a new monitor to buy for my home setup. I couldn’t decide between a 24 inch “non-S-IPS but large and bright” versus a 20 inch “smaller, but S-IPS” model. Then I saw an auction on eBay for a new NEC 2070NX (which falls into the latter category). I managed to manually […]

The Importance of Names

Whenever I create a website, I always make a mistake when choosing directory names. For example, I choose the name “wp” for my directory that houses my wordpress install, and I make my blog URL reflect that. When it comes time to try a different blog system (textpattern or MT) Now I’m stuck with the […]