Ubuntu 8.10 release notes

Found here. Interestingly, there’s a fairly long “Known Issues” section. It’s disappointing how many issues there are, but at the same time, the listing here is very helpful. It’s good to know that certain hardware is known not to work so that I don’t spend all my time trying to debug it. It’s kinda sad […]

Upgrade to Vista complete

Just about 2 years after Vista’s initial availability, I finally installed it on my primary desktop at home. Actually, the machine has been in a pretty sad state of running 32-bit XP on a machine with 6 Gb of RAM for several months now. Vista x64 is the only useful 64-bit version of Windows, so […]

I'll switch to Linux when…

It seems like I’ve been struggling with how to complete this phrase for way too long. But I think it just occured to me how it should go: … when I can _use_ all the hardware I paid for. That’s really what it comes down to. I buy hardware. I expect the software to work […]

The urge

My coworker just got a new HP EliteBook, and we put Ubuntu 8.10 and it and it works, well, suprisingly well. Almost everything works out of the box, and suspend and resume is actually fast. It is tempting me to try 8.10 on my X60 again (I still have a partition). I know this is […]

Monitor fun ends, finally

Ok, I’ve had the 2490 for about a week now, and I can definitely say I made the right choice. No crappy wide gamut. No crappy screen coating. Fantastic viewing angles. Fantastic color and brightness uniformity. And ghosting and input lag don’t seem to be issues. There is some bleeding when the screen is dark, […]

Monitor fun continues

Yes, I know. This blog is turning into me rambling about monitors. Or maybe it always was. I dunno. Anyways, I returned the Hp 2475w because of the green/pink tints. I bought it through CDW since a sales rep that told me that they had a 30-day refund policy, but I found out through all […]