Ok, I’ve had the 2490 for about a week now, and I can definitely say I made the right choice.
No crappy wide gamut. No crappy screen coating. Fantastic viewing angles. Fantastic color and brightness uniformity. And ghosting and input lag don’t seem to be issues. There is some bleeding when the screen is dark, but all reports seem to indicate that the screen needs to be “burned in” for these effects go away.
I really should have just started with this one. It would have saved me a lot of headaches. I guess I just have ot resign to spending $1k on a monitor ($1099 from Amazon, to be exact) every few years. I am still nagged by the thought that I could have gotten a 30 inch instead, but I think I’ll way X more years until the wide gamut issue is sorted out, and the uniformity issue on large screens is also fixed.
So, in the end:

  • Dell 3007WFP-HC: Crap
  • HP LP2475w: OK, but uniformity issues and wide gamut
  • NEC 2490Wuxi: Sweet. Worth the $ if you care about those things

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