Ubuntu on the T400

As a potentially really dumb “you-should-have-known-better” experiment, I put Karmic on my work-issued T400. Also probably inspired slightly by Alex Payne’s post of his relative success with Ubuntu on his X301. Well, on the plus side, it mostly works. Screen comes up in the right resolution. Volume/brightness keys work. But it’s still not quite complete. […]

WP.com first impressions

Ok, so this is like post number 5 since I moved this blog over. Here are my notes: Wysiwig editor: good enough. Actually it’s better than the blogger one at supporting mac shortcuts. Not having to run my own software: good. of course Control over built-in themes is somewhat limited. Haven’t tried to really mess […]

I had a moment

For some reason, I started reading Alex Payne’s blog.. he’s just some dude from Twitter, but he started writing about how he uses macs but every 6 months or so has an urge to try something else. Sounded oddly familiar… I had one of those Mac moments yesterday. I’ve had this Canon photo printer for […]

It might be wearing off

Sigh. I hate computers. I’m not unhappy with the mac, but I’m starting to see it’s deficiencies again. For one thing, the monitor-redetect-on-resume thing still hasn’t been fixed. It’s been, well, 3 months, and I’m still seeing it. Maybe there just aren’t that many people using this monitor.. it is targeted at niche, afterall.. but […]

Move complete

I’ve officially switched. After filing a support request, someone on the WP side made my MT import work. Stupidly, the old version of WP that I used on my dreamhost account doesn’t/didn’t have the export feature yet, so I can’t bring those posts in. It would be nice to have all my posts together again […]


One of my new years resolutions was to finally stop running my own blog engine. There’s really no good reason to do so, and lots of good reasons _not_ to do so, including: Having to keep up with security updates Shitty spam filtering I don’t work on my own theme anyways Backing up, etc. Oh […]

Hey Microsoft: It's still too hard!

Hey, it’s the age of networking right? I mean with the internets and all. You’d think that by now, all modern operating systems would be easy to control over the network. Well, I had a chance to try out powershell 2.0 recently, as it claims to have built in support for remoting. Well, it does, […]