Ok, so this is like post number 5 since I moved this blog over. Here are my notes:

  • Wysiwig editor: good enough. Actually it’s better than the blogger one at supporting mac shortcuts.
  • Not having to run my own software: good. of course
  • Control over built-in themes is somewhat limited. Haven’t tried to really mess with the CSS.
  • Crashes with chrome, especially while composing. Annoying but probably just a bug.
  • No way to completely feed-burner-ize your blog? I have the “meta” widget enabled because I want my login link, but that widget also creates the default post feed and comment feed links. I’ve manually added a feedburner link, but that still looks lame. Does WP consider feedburner a competitor since it’s owned by google?
  • I didn’t realize the whole ad policy. Basically you can’t show ads. They sometimes show ads to not-logged-in users. That’s kinda lame. But I guess they have to make their money somehow.

Overall, definitely a net win. I wish they’d fix the chrome thing though. I keep having to fire up safari to write anything.

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