ie9 rendering

Here’s a quick font rendering sample I put together. In each set, the top is IE9’s new direct-write rendering (with subpixel positioning), the middle is standard cleartype, and the bottom is from Safari on the mac. The font is Arial, because that’s the one that seems hardest to render at small sizes. I’d say that […]

i hate embedded software

I think my TV has a bug. If I turn on the TV with my PC (plugged into the HDMI) off, then I get ~36 channels on the auto program scanner (hooked up to my powered antenna). If the PC is on, however, then I only get 5. It seems like somehow the PC sending […]

browser ui

Dear browser designers. Please find a way to put my bookmarks bar next to my URL bar. Increasingly, the tab bar is becoming the equivalent of the taskbar, with each app taking up a┬áslot. So IE9-ish combining of URL and tab bar seems constraining. What is easier to constrain, is the layout of my bookmark […]


So it’s finally out for real. Who knew they would beat FF4 to release. Seems pretty snappy so far, though I’ve already hit a few compatibility problems (including tumblr), but in those cases, compatibility mode seems to work OK. You can find lots of information about it’s benchmarks and features elsewhere, so I’ll just focus […]