Another sign that the web is winning? Out of the 6 or so “native” apps I run on my work laptop, three are basically shells around web views. Rdio. Colloquy. Adium. Granted the latter two only use it as a display layer. But still, the point is that most of the desktop experience is available […]

ios vs android nit: keyboard

Design nit #1. The keyboard. Exhibit A: iOS keyboard Exhibit B: Gingerbread Keyboard Visually, the design of these two things are quite similar. The only thing I’d say is that the letters on the iphone keyboard are easier to see IMHO. Probably because they use wider captial letters. When it comes to actual interaction though, […]

Sigh. Apparently my fb comments hack looks completely terrible on both Firefox and Safari. Probably in IE for that matter. I didn’t realize the behavior of negative margins are so non-standard.

sticking with the 3gs for now

My two day trial of the Nexus S 4G is almost over, and my decision for now is to stick with the iPhone 3GS.  It’s a little sad, because the Nexus has clearly better hardware, in terms of the CPU, the screen, basically every aspect of the hardware you can think of (except that it’s […]


Test post from android. I can’t tell if I like this keyboard very much. The number shift thing seems useful until it isn’t. Stupid thing is that if you hold a key on the top row and the hover appears, the key your pressing doesn’t appear as one of the choices. Typing the second half […]