I don’t get it. I can type for a long time on my laptop’s built in keyboard. But I can’t last nearly as long on the little standalone apple keyboard of the same size. Is it the slant? It doesn’t make any sense!

lion safari

The two-fingered swipe left to right feature to go back a page is cool, and the animation is slick, but it sucks that a lot of times, the revealed page doesn’t react to further scrolling for a few seconds. Feels glitchy. If the previous page needs to load somehow, I wish there were some visual […]

Airport Extreme

Finally gave in got one. It looks nice. Simple, white. Config is interesting. I’m still a little iffy about not having a web interface, but I can deal for now. The guest network feature is nice. BUT.. I tend to like to use wireless mac filtering for my home stuff. It’s the least problematic, no […]

apple keyboard

Going to try out one of the mini apple keyboards for a while. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been standing at work so much lately, or because I’ve been using the laptop keyboard for a lot of my working, that having big ms natural feels big and unwieldy, and the key press distance […]


I think what I kind of want is a “imac air”. Imagine a 27” iMac that’s really thin. It’s got a reasonable quad core cpu, 16GB of RAM, built in air-style SSD only, a good GPU, no optical drive, and a couple thunderbolt ports for everything else.  I’d probably buy that.