Playing with Pro HDR

I found out about the Pro HDR app from a video by The Verge which talks about various iPhone photography workflows. The app is a pretty straightforward implementation of HDR, but with the interesting twist that it lets you visually specify two metering targets for each of the exposures, and then combines the two into […]

Olympus E-M1 first impressions

I did something a little out of my comfort zone and ordered the E-M1 before my X-E2 even made it back, leaving me in the potential state of having two cameras on my card. Thankfully it all worked out (Amazon is usually awesome about this stuff) and I didn’t have to go more than a […]

Facebook Page

I like having a separate blog to post about stuff that interests me, w/o feeling like I’m spamming my friends. And yet, it’s hard for people see the posts here. You either have to be an RSS user (a dwindling population) or be a tumblr user, which is also a small population. So I’ve started […]

Fuji XE-2 more impressions

Since my last post, I had the chance to take the XE-2 outside on two different occasions. Autofocus. AF has seen definitely seen a big improvement over the X-E1, and in good light outdoors the improvement is even more noticeable (likely because of the PDAF). That being said, I did notice a good number of […]