So I’ve got this giant monitor sitting on my desk.
It’s bright. It has very deep colors. Some reds and greens and oranges definitely look like colors I’ve never seen on a computer display before.
It’s grainy. From googling, it appears to be the anti-glare coating that comes standard on all these types of monitors. Even the Apple 30 inch is known to be grainy. I’ll have to go check one out at the store to see if its better or worse. Every forum post about this is answered by a “are you sure you’re running full resolution?” YES. The graininess looks like chroma-noise when you take a shot on a high-ISO setting. It has a slightly oily effect, as if you evenly covered the screen with vaseline. But it doesn’t blur what’s underneath.
Unclear if its fatal. It’s very noticeable to me right now on day 2. I checked my other Dell’s at work 2005fp and 2007fp, and both exhibit some graininess, but not nearly as much. Some people say they get used to it. Others say some people just don’t notice in the first place.
I’ll wait and see. I got it through Costco, so I have a little under 3 months to return it no questions asked.
I was pretty hesitant to upgrade from a 20 inch to a 24 inch. 30 inches seemed worth the leap.
Maybe I’m sitting too close to it? How far are you supposed to sit from a 30 inch?

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