Yes, I know it’s totally cliche already, but I’m going to comment on Chrome anyways.
I think Google has a hit with this one. It’s not even done yet, and I can already consider using it as my primary browser. It’s a great example of putting a lot of thought into a relatively small number of UI elements. It manages to kill many UI feature birds with relatively few widget stones.
There’s a few missing pieces that I hope will come soon enough. Bookmark syncing, color management, a little bit more configurability. But for a beta, it’s a great start.
Actually this was just my excuse to try posting using Chrome. They appear to have built in Safari’s text field resizing feature, but it looks like it doesn’t work with Movable Type’s already resizable text field.
edit: Oh, and by the way, it looks to me like Gecko is dying a slow death. It’s Apple, Adobe, Google, and Nokia all against Mozilla.

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