Apparently they have made some improvements. I always wanted a good desktop blogging client. This seems pretty good so far. It’s annoying that you have to install it with the annoying Windows Live installer though. Hasn’t Microsoft learn anything? Stop trying to change my default search provider!

Also, the fact that Windows Messenger 2009 is still adware is really lame. It’s not fricking 1998. Some people at MS need to be beaten harder with a cluestick. It seems like the Live writer team might have a few spare ones laying around.

Oh yea, and I installed the Live Mesh beta. If this thing does what I think it does, it’ll be pretty awesome. I’m not too enamored with the weird floating window that shows up next to your shared folders when opened in explorer. Why can’t they give me a way to turn that off? I want you to just work in the background. Again, stop bugging me!

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