Got the FVWM itch this time.
If you’re gonna use Linux on your desktop, then it’s lame to try to use one of the “canned” environments. I mean, you’re giving up all that application compatibility and workingness by going to Linux, so you might as well try to get the most flexibility and programmability you can get.
Anyways, I got the intrepid FVWM package, and as usual, I set it up to launch gnome-settings-daemon so that all the gnome/gtk apps that I use don’t look like utter crap. Well turns out this breaks fvwm’s shortcuts.
Took me a while to figure it out, but it was because gnome-settings-daemon turns on NumLock. And for some arcane reason, that breaks all of FVWM’s shortcuts. No matter, a quick fix in the fvwmrc:

IgnoreModifiers L25

That is, don’t treat NumLock and ScrollLock as they were modifiers. Even right there in the fvwm docs. Who else thinks they should make this the default? 😉

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