I like to change the color of the aeroglass windows once in a while for a change of mood. But Microsoft made it really hard to actually pick from a wide range of colors. While the control panel allows you to set the color, the following problem arise:

  • The color of the text in the window title is set to black. You can change this in advanced settings, but there aren’t too many reasonable choices here.
  • Even if you set a custom window title font color, some programs (notably outlook) ignore it. Also, the “glow” around the text in the window title is always white-ish, greatly limiting the choice of readable colors.
  • The task bar font is set to white, and is unchangeable.

This means basically that you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. This probably just means that transparency in UI elements is just generally not such a great idea. Turning off transparency in aero makes it look pretty bugly though.

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