2nd post! Well.. i haven’t gotten around to installing many 3rd party apps yet. I feel like there is a whole bunch of stuff to get used to just with the preloaded iLife and etc.
There are a few things that I’m still getting used to. The one biggest one has to be the fact that apps can still be running even if they don’t have any open windows.. except not all apps seem to be like this: iPhoto, for one, is different.
I really dig how the battery charges in 90 minutes. I wish it lasted longer, but this model has the ability to swap the battery while its in sleep, so I can always just buy a spare and be totally set for long trips.
I also tried logging in through my bluetooth enabled cell phone today. It was a bit cumbersome to set up, but not bad as far as working with BT devices go.. a fairly good UI actually. I still don’t understand how the network profile’s work exactly, or what the best way to switch between them is.
I really have to update my theme.. when u have such a nice looking desktop, it sucks to have a crappy looking webpage.

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