iPhoto continues to be really slow. It eats a lot of memory, so much so that other programs take a hit. It even makes ichat unbearable.
The OS X scheduler is a bit odd. Its very aggressive at giving priority programs receiving user input. On the other hand, it is also very aggressive about removing priority from programs that haven’t received input. This has some weird effects, such as the remote desktop client freezing after 1 second of no input. If you keep mouse-ing over it repeatedly, it performs much better than if you just sit and wait for it. For certain kind of rendering, it seems to stop altogether. Odd.
Finally, apparently the router that I got (the Linksys WRT54GS) breaks ichat’s audio conferencing feature. I guess this router doesn’t do the stateful UDP NAT stuff that is required to do it. I suppose I could set up port triggering or something. I remembered how I don’t like how linksys router’s can’t do static mapping between MAC addresses and IP’s. I might have to return it when I get back and trade it in for the netgear.

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