xemacs related mailing lists seem to mostly be filled with spam.
Feature-wise, it no longer has many advantages over emacs21. It still has a bit more guification, but that seems minor. Gnu emacs21 has all the X-y stuff (variable width fonts, embedded images in buffers, updated look)
Every email post, webpage, or piece of writing that tries to argue for xemacs for gnu emacs is from 2000. Even the ‘updates’ page on xemacs.org is dated 2001.
The Mew author says, while mew may work on xemacs21, it is not officially supported.
Gnu emacs’ fill-paragraph seems smarter than xemacs’.
It seems like a lot of people still stick to xemacs.. but is there any reason besides habit and intertia? Is it still better? does it still have a future?
update: Apparently wl doesn’t even run in xemacs at all. It dies when it tries to connect. Oh well, I guess that’s the end of that.

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