Currently I’m using the Belking Ergo Board Pro USB edition as my primary work keyboard. Mainly because it is one of the only USB ergonomic keyboards. I tried the MS Natural 4000, but it sucks goat, so I had to get this one.
It’s pretty good, except it doesn’t have the negavtive tilt like the 4000 does (which I liked). Today, I decided to improvise, and started to look for office items that I could use to prop up the front side of my keyboard.
After looking through the supply cabinet for a few minutes, bingo! mini-post-it’s. This Belkin has 4 rubber feet, two in the back, and two in the front. I stack together these mini-post-it’s to just the right height (and they’re adjustable because you can split and combine stacks of post-it’s) I put two stacks under the front two rubber feet and voila, a stable, negative tilt.
It looks a big ghetto, but it’s not that bad.
I think I can do better, but it will take some time. I have a grand idea involving cutting angled conic sections out of paper cups to make supports that will prop up the front of the keyboard at an angle. I think the idea is genius, but I need to do some math to figure out the correct angles. Also there may be some issues involved in attaching the supports to the keyboard itself, since the belkin has a very flat bottom side (maybe krazy glue?)
Post-it’s will do for now.

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