I realized today, perhaps just a tad too late, that being a keyboard enthusiast and being a mac user doesn’t really go together too well.
At least 90% of the worlds keyboards are built for the PC. That means they’re PS/2, or they don’t have windows keys, or they have windows keys but don’t have volume keys. If you were to choose your computer by looking at what kind of keyboards worked with it, the mac would be on the bottom of your list.
In my “research”, I’ve probably already looked at more than half if not 90% of all the keyboards that have ever been made for a modern Mac. I couldn’t possibly make the same claim about PC keyboards, there are just too many. Of course, a lot of them suck, but there are also good ones as well.
It seems like in the mac world, you’re guaranteed a certain minimum level of quality. But for the discerning buyer, you may still be able to find something better in the PC world.
I guess that’s just what you get when you buy into a platform that has non-standard hardware. ~grumble grumble~

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