Hope yet…

On two fronts: Keyboard: I’ve arranged for a RMA from OWC for the Tactile Pro, since the ghosting thing is too annoying. But then I found this page: http://www.macintouch.com/keyboards.html where a MacInTouch reader describes the exact same problem that I’m finding, and goes on the recommend that fast typists stay away from the Tactile Pro. […]

Ghosting it is…

Well, it turns out that whenever I ssh’ed into work, the problem would reproduce itself. Odd. As I final test, I tried plugging the board into my windows desktop, and hit the “space, o, p” combination over and over again. Well then what do you know, I start to get capital o’s and capital P’s […]

Back in the box it goes..

It was nice to know thee. But in the end, you were just too expensive to have such a fundamental flaw. In other news, reviews claim that MS’s new Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 has worse switches than the previous models.. so I guess that one is off my list. Does nobody care anymore?


Why can’t anyone just make a keyboard that works anymore.. I discovered that the Tactile Pro has the same kind of weird ghosting key problem as the Smartboard did. On the tactile pro, if I hit ‘o’, ‘p’, and the spacebar in that order with the right timing, sometimes I’ll get a spurios ‘enter’. This […]

Tactile Pro

Just got it today. And so far, I like it. It has almost the exact same feel as the SmartBoard, but a more normal layout. It’s also quite loud, but the keys aren’t as stiff as some others made it out to be. They’re actually quite light, just about what I like. It’s also clear […]

Datadesktech Smartboard

Finally got my smartboard today. Initial impressions are that it feels better than the Maxim, but is a little bit harder to use like the concave kinesis. The key layout is actually quite similar to that one, and requires you to hit the ‘c’ with the middle finger of your left hand. I had gotten […]