My new standard for laptop battery life

I’ve been using my X60 for a few days, mostly at home while sitting on the couch or in bed. In this very short amoutn of time, this laptop has established itself as the one which I’ll be comparing all others to in terms of battery performance. In the “Thinkpad default” power profile, with normal […]

Rejuvenate My System

So I’m playing around with the random ThinkVantage software that came on this X60, and I find an option to “Rejuvenate My System”. Intrigued I click on it, and am greeted with the following message: This option optmizes performance by defragmenting your hard drive and restoring your system and application files from a “known good” […]

Consolas font

So I just found out about the new Consolas font from Microsoft that is being distributed with Office 12 and Vista. It’s a nice looking monospaced font that I think compares favorably with things like Bitstream Vera Mono on Linux, or Monaco on Apple. Even better, you can easily use it on Windows XP. If […]

Predicting javac's behavior

I really like java as a language, but the behavior of the compiler can be a pain in the ass to deal with. The problem with javac, is that it does some stuff that is akin to what make does. It figures out dependencies and compiles them for you. It tries to understand your source […]

Internet Explorer 7

It’s finally out, and looks pretty good to me so far. It’s pretty fast, and it has tabs, and it has tab thumbnails. It also seems to be a little bit more standards compliant. The way they got rid of the menu is interesting. It seems hard to find things, but maybe I just have […]

iPod's success

Some dude goes off about “Why Microsoft can’t compete with iTunes”: I think he’s taking something simple and trying to make it into some grandiose statement about Apple vs. MS. The success of the iPod is actually not too difficult to understand. Apple simply had the best software + hardware combo, and the best marketing. […]

Return of the Floppy Drive

I thought these things were totally outdated, but apparently not. They have saved my ass twice in the past week, both during Windows installs. I guess the real problem is that the XP installer is 5 years old, and doesn’t have any modern drivers. Microsoft should really release setup disks with updated drivers once in […]