Color Schemes for VIM

With Gvim, one can finally use the whole color space (not just 16-colors) to do nice code syntax highlighting and such. Unfortunately, actually developing a good colorscheme is pretty difficult and tedious. That’s where this page comes in. It lets you browse a bunch of canned color scheme files, rendered against some sample code. See […]

I'm not the only one..

That thinks that linux font rendering (even with the latest David Turner patches) still is not up to par with windows… This post goes into much more detail, specifically pointing out that Linux text rendering isn’t doing any gamma correct rendering at all. Apparently this is why the diagonals in Linux-rendered characters look so much […]

A couple cool windows apps

I seem to be frequently having this experience lately where I find a windows app that implements some desktop/GUI feature that I really like from linux, and almost in a better way. The two I’ve found recently are: VirtuaWin: A virtual desktop switcher for windows. (thank you Ramesh for the pointer) AutoHotKey: A massively customizable […]

Sad, but what did you expect?

There’s a pretty depressing interview with famed kernel developer Con Kolivas and why he quit working on the kernel. It yet again destroys the myth about how Linux is built on volunteerism and that it will naturally provide benefits to end-users solely because of its open development model. The interview bitterly points out that this […]

Recent Finds

Google Browser Sync: A Firefox extension to sync browser settings. I primarily use it to sync my bookmarks across machines, and it works remarkably well. Only supports Firefox though. Japanese Fonts: A page with a bunch of links to freely downloadable Japanese fonts, screenshots included. The availability of high quality Japanese fonts has greatly improved […]