Fixing Firefox slowness on Ubuntu

Yes, yes, we all know that Firefox under wine beats Linux Firefox for javascript performance. That’s not what I’m talking about though. I’m talking about the UI performance. Things like switching tabs and scrolling. To me, the Linux version of Firefox in Intrepid or Jaunty was always inexplicably more sluggish compared to the Windows version. […]

Wheel emulation on a Thinkpad X60 on Ubuntu Intrepid

In the newer Ubuntu’s they’ve moved to evdev, which is a much more dynamic system for configuring input devices. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite seem to understand that I want wheel emulation on my Thinkpad’s trackpoint. Fortunately, there seems to be a way to set it explicity. I use the following script: #!/bin/sh DEVICEID=3 xinput set-int-prop […]

Vista insomnia

Just thought I’d write down the result of some troubleshooting I did last night. My Vista box just stopped going to sleep. I first thought it might have to do with the fact that I installed SyncToy and set up a recurring Task in the Task scheduler that was also set to wake up the […]

Restoring nice hinted fonts on Ubuntu 8.10

The Ubuntu folks seem to change around their default font settings every release. Whatever that’s fine. But it is worth nothing that the default “subpixel” setting in the gnome appearance dialog now means “subpixel + slight hinting” whereas previously it meant “subpixel + full hinting” Since 8.04, though, they’ve committed a crime, IMHO. There’s some […]

Mapped Network Drives, an old enemy

Had a stupid problem with logging into Windows on my laptop for a while now. As soon as I finish entering my password and hit enter, the machine gets stuck at “Loading Personal Settings” for over a minute, with very little disk activity. I finally decided to try to fix it. The most helpful bit […]

A little closer, but still not quite there: Hardy Heron on my Thinkpad X60

I’ve reported my experiences on running previous versions of Ubuntu on the Thinkpad X60. Here are the notable updates with Hardy Heron: Wireless: Ubuntu dropped the closed source ipw3945 driver from their restricted packages repository, instead, opting to use the iwl3945 driver that’s included in upstream kernel sources. Unfortunately, the version that gets shipped with […]

Tracking Stocks using Google Documents Spreadsheet

Today I discovered a totally sweet feature of Google Document’s Spreadsheet. You can hook it up with Google Finance to pull stock quotes in near real time. All you need is the following in a cell: =GoogleFinance(“VTI”; “price”) The “VTI” part can be a reference to another cell. I’m guessing the “price” part can be […]