In Outlook, if you go to the dialog to configure your filtering rules, the scroll wheel won’t let you scroll your list of rules. Seriously. What year is this?

Paying for an anti-feature

The continuous onward march of technology benefits everyone right? Well, I thought so too, but recently I’ve run into a counter-example: wide-gamut monitors. First let me tell you about why wide-gamut monitors suck. For ages now, except in high-end scenarios, the color response of your desktop monitor has been assumed be effectively represented by the […]


Posts like this one do a disservice to the reputation of the OSS community. In this post, the author claims that implies that one shouldn’t run Windows because of all the DRM technologies found in it. I wonder if that’s also why he doesn’t run OS X? I never really buy this argument. It’s easy […]

Outlook Reformatting

I got an email at work today, which had a couple lines of g++ calls, which Outlook displayed to me like this: g++ -o exe1 -DXYZ=abc maintemplate.cpp test001.cpp -o exe2 -DXYZ=def g++ maintemplate.cpp test002.cpp Turns out, this was because it “removed extra linebreaks” (which works fine most of the time, but its terrible in some […]

Stick with what works

It seems like a lot of people are learning this lesson with Vista these days. There are very few applications that require Vista, and XP works fine for most people, so why upgrade? There’s really no harm in waiting, while the ISV’s, hardware vendors, and MS sort it all out. Personally, I’m terrible at this. […]

Awesome: Windows batch file ugliness

So I got around to writing some startup batch scripts that try to mount some network drives. The net use command is easy enough to use, but I ran into a separate problem. If the machine starts up too fast, then the network isn’t up yet, so net use fails. So I started looking for […]

Mac OS X's lack of Activation

Mac users like to talk about how Mac OS X doesn’t have any activation. How it’s all about how Apple trusts their users and such. Personally, although I agree that activation can be user unfriendly, I totally sympathize with Microsoft for implementing it. Let’s look at the differences between Windows and OS X here: Windows […]

Goodbye Rhapsody

First, it doesn’t work on any x64 system (linux or windows). Second, it works on 32bit Linux, but crashes the browser left and right. Third, it used to work on a lot of systems through yottamusic, but now they managed to even break that. Sorry, you don’t get $100 a year from me anymore.