Panasonic LX100 Review

I’ve been in the market for an enthusiast compact for a while now. I had my eyes set on the RX100mk3, but then out of nowhere, Panasonic announced the LX100. 4/3 sensor? check. Manual-ish controls? check. Fast autofocus? check. Built in EVF? check. Small size? check. I couldn’t resist, so as soon as the first couple reviews […]

Fedora 10 initial impressions

vmmouse works out of the box. About fricking time. LiveCD installer is pretty cool. It does an image based install, which seems pretty darn fast. Fonts still suck. Waiting for someone to post subpixel-enabled rpms. YUM seems usably fast now. But background update processes lock the database for a long time, which is annoying. Input […]

More HP LP2475w notes

OK, I’ve had the monitor for about a week now, and I also got it calibrated with the Eye-one display 2 calibrator that I got from newegg. Here are the full notes: Wide Gamut: It’s still there. It’s still kind of annoying. Firefox 3 makes the experience quite a bit more bearable, but Flash doesn’t […]

A little closer, but still not quite there: Hardy Heron on my Thinkpad X60

I’ve reported my experiences on running previous versions of Ubuntu on the Thinkpad X60. Here are the notable updates with Hardy Heron: Wireless: Ubuntu dropped the closed source ipw3945 driver from their restricted packages repository, instead, opting to use the iwl3945 driver that’s included in upstream kernel sources. Unfortunately, the version that gets shipped with […]

Dell 3007WFP-HC Mini-review

Ok, my last post about this thing, I promise. Since there are tons of other reviews on the web about this thing (where you can see pictures and specs and measurements and the like), I’ll just link to those articles that I read if you want to read about that stuff. BeHardware’s comparison with the […]


A super short review. I finally went to the SF Apple store to play with one. It’s pretty good. Things seem to work as advertised. Typing didn’t seem too bad, though I can understand how people would miss their physical keys. I tried to post on this blog with one, but Safari crashed three times […]

Safari browser on Windows

Not really a full review, but an initial impression of Safari 3 for Windows. It’s FAST. I know Jobs harped on this during the keynote, but it is definitely the snappiest browser that I’ve used on windows. It has none of the UI sluggishness that Firefox has. Japanese input doesn’t work. Not in the UI, […]

Thinkpad X60 Review

I’ve had my X60 for a few months now, so I’ve developed quite a few opinions about it. But first things first, the specs: 12 inch 1024×768 screen Intel Core Duo T2400 1.83ghz dual core processor 2GB of system memory 100GB hard drive Built in intel wifi, 3 USB ports, one firewire, SD slot, PCMCIA […]