Shielding Lotion vs Moisturizer

Most literature about atopic dermatitis and eczema will talk about how you should use a good moisturizer all the time, to keep your skin in good shape and less susceptible to external irritants. Today, I came across a few products that claim a new product type, the _shielding lotion_, which they explicitly differentiate from a […]

Sitting straight up: not the optimal posture

Maybe all the people sitting in front of computers all day know this already, but “according to this article”:, sitting straight up is not the best posture for your back. They use a new kind of MRI to show that actually leaning back 45 degrees is better than sitting up straight. Slouching forward is apparently […]

Listening to Mozart helps with Allergic Skin Reactions?

Smells of the Mozart Effect claims, but this one seems to have also have some scientific experiments behind it. Apparently, listening to Mozart reduces “allergic skin wheal responses in atopic dermatitis patients”: Sounds pretty out there, but there’s no harm in trying I guess. The same researcher, Hajime Kimata, has also written about how laughter, […]

Early evening for Topical Steroids

“A page from”: claims that “early evening” is the best time to apply topical steroids, though provides no scientific reason why that’s the case. There are a lot of pages that have a breakdown of corticosteroids by potency, but the group them into vague groups such as “mild” and “potent,” whereas most doctors carry […]

Safety of Topical Calcineurin Inhibitors

There seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding the safety of topical tacrolimus (Protopic) and pimecrolimus (Elidel) for the treatment of AD, in terms of whether there is a risk that they cause cancer. It all climaxed with the FDA sending out “black box warnings” on these products. “Here’s an article”: that surveys several […]

A new topic

I tend to spend a lot of time on the internet reading about health. About various types of diseases, their treatments, and available medications. I don’t think I’m particularly obsessed about it, rather, a lot of it is directly relevant to me. I’ve had to deal with a variety of allergic/atopic diseases (hay fever, atopic […]