Painful upgrade

Even with the help of multiple snapshots, I still haven’t figured out the exact order or things I need to do to upgrade my woody VM to sarge. I tried first upgrading the kernel, which made the vmware tools stuff break. You have to install kernel-image, grub, as well as kernel-headers and gcc3.3. Perhaps my […]

Headphones.. again

After being somewhat unsatisfied with my Panasonic Monitor 10R’s, I received by Beyerdynamic DT250-80’s on Friday. Not as super comfortable as I had hoped for, but definitely an improvement of the Panasonics. The velour material is much better than leather, it doesn’t get warm and make your ears all sweaty. Bass resposne is much better […]

Livin’ Large

Finally got a credit card offer for something a bit bigger than my sad sad 500 dollar limit I have now. The only thing was that it was a BofA letter telling you to go to Sounded pretty phishy, but upon googling about it for a little bit, it seemed legit.

Buying cd’s still gives you more rights

When at Rasputin music yesterday in Berekeley, I picked up a couple discs: Simon and Garfunkel greatest hits, and Talib Kwali’s “Quality” album. It’s still true that cd’s give you the greatest flexibility. You can rip them, re-rip them, mix them, or anything. It’s still kindda weird that people are willing to pay 99 cents […]

More apple koolaid

On an impulse, bought the airport express. It took a while to get set up right, but it seems to work fine. It’s slightly annoying how its rather sensitive to wireless network interference. I wish the audio buffer was a bit larger, enough to handle 1-second dips in signal strenght or something. Also, it doesn’t […]

OS X needs RAM

I’ve read it many other place before, but now I see what people mean. The OS X experience for me is significantly improved with 1.5GB of RAM instead of 512mb. I got a 1 gig kingmax stick from newegg for

A sound re-routing utility

Found the little app called “SoundSource” which sits in the menu bar and lets you quickly choose the output device for sound. The other useful thing it does is it can re-route system-beeps and notifications differently from music. This keeps your room from booming with swooshes from ichat and dings from