Ah ha

It seems that the slowness on my server was due to the fact that I only gave my vm 128mb of memory. Up to 192mb and all seems snappy now. Maybe I don’t need dreamhost after all….

Time to move hosts

Seems like all I use my desktop these days is to run this webserver VM, run an itunes share, and a simple fileserver. All this stuff can be accomplished by a much smaller, quieter machine, or even better, a paid webhost and an external hard drive enclosure. It’s probably about time for me to get […]

Reduced means Reduced

Decided to test all types of RAW converters today, including Bibble Pro, Capture One LE, and Nikon Capture Editor. They all have roughly the same features, so it seems more about speed and usability rather than a pure feature comparison. Anyhow, all of these programs were acting super slow duing testing. Some were better than […]