Photos from Sonoma

Just “a few shots”: from our day-trip to Sonoma over the Thanksgiving weekend. I took RAW shots, and then was pretty liberal with _interpreting_ them in Adobe Lightroom, since I know Lightroom isn’t too great at reverse engineering the original colors for NEF files anyways.

Aperture and Lightroom

Here’s a “Aperture v.s. Lightroom Comparison”: One thing he didn’t mention is what kind of hardware he runs these programs on. Aperture on a Powerbook G4 is pretty painful. But then again, most apps are. From the sound of it, he must be using at least some kind of G5. Also, it’s interesting that he […]

RAW vs JPEG colors part II

My previous tests were somewhat incomplete, in that the NEF file and the JPEG file I compared came from different shutter releases. This time, I used my D70’s NEF + JPEG mode so that I make sure I’m getting the exact same photo as a comparison point. Below are three sets of photos. In each […]

Raw Salmon

I’ve been playing around with RAW converters recently, and have discovered a few things. I bought Capture One LE a while ago, and did quite a few conversions in that. Lately I’ve been playing around with Aperture and Adobe Lightroom. I discovered today that I should have done a little more homework before I bought […]

Lightroom Beta 3 for windows

So I downloaded beta 3 for Windows, and installed it on my work machine. In the readme I see: Lightroom Windows beta 3 is feature compatible with Mac beta 3. However, there are some exceptions: * No Web module * No Identity Plates * No Lights Out functionality * No automatic detection of cameras and […]

Lightroom Beta 3 on a Intel Mac Mini

As an experiment, I uploaded some of my photos to work, and installed Lightroom Beta 3 on my Core Duo mac mini at work. The difference in performance is.. well.. depressing. As Lightroom doesn’t use CoreGraphics, it’s particularly dependent on CPU power, and the Core Duo just kicks the crap out of the G4 that […]

Aperture image loading time

On a Powerbook G4, Aperture is pretty slow. I think everyone who cares knows that. But the interesting thing is, it’s slow regardless of whether you’re looking at a big RAW image or a big JPEG image. For the longest time, I thought I was taking a performance hit because I wanted to shoot in […]

Smugmug + Textpattern Photoblog

As you can see, I’ve been working on making a photoblog. Nothing too complex. My only requirement was that I wanted to use the photos that are hosted on my smugmug account, so that I wouldn’t have to maintain two sets of images online. It’s already a big enough pain to maintain one locally on […]

Keyboard Pictures

I’ve added a few pictures to the keyboard page. I just took snaps of the models I have plus snaps of the key switches that support them. Not all of them are up as some of them are at work, and some didn’t come out too well and I’m too lazy to re-take them. I […]

A few notes

Things I learned recently while taking photos and working on them in Aperture: Taking landspcape shots from a high view point usually doesn’t work out. It tends to fore-shorten tall majestic things, making pics look pretty uninteresting. Subjects that are level with you, or above you seem to work better. Actually, looking too far upwards […]