So I’ve been happily using Thunderbird 2.0 at work to connect to our Exchange server at work. It was going so well, that I decided to try it out at home. Install Thunderbird 2.0 on Feisty… connect to vpn… type in account info… download headers from folders… so far so good. Thunderbird claims to implement […]

Announcing (again) Ubuntu Tips

To make up for my half-assed last attempt, I’ve decided to go all the way, and start a real community-driven site with its own domain. I’m still calling it a beta, but feel free to register and comment or even send tip submissions to me through the link at the top of the page.


Sometimes, you can choose to get what you do want, but if and only if you’re also willing to take some of what you don’t want. Other times, you can choose not get what you don’t want, but then you also can’t get what you do want. I’ll leave it as an exercise to the […]


So my experimental website doesn’t work :-). I’m not sure what the cause is, but once you sign out of an account, you can’t sign back in. There’s a long thread about the problem on the Drupal site. I tried many of the suggested fixes, but it still fails to log me in correctly on […]

A Website for Ubuntu Tips

I’ve decided to try starting a website dedicated to various Ubuntu tips. The “beta” version is available at: This is meant to serve the same purpose as MacOSXHints, but for the Ubuntu community. I realize there is a lot of good info on already, but the information there is unstructured and sometimes difficult […]

Disabling Arial in Ubuntu

Just because I don’t use Ubuntu regularly at home, doesn’t mean it’s the same at work 😉 For some reason, I just cannot get Arial to look good on my Ubuntu box at work. I’ve tried all the various fontconfig settings, and nothing looks as good as how it looks on Windows. The closes result […]

Desktop Linux 2007

I don’t know how many posts I’ve written like this over the years. Too many, probably. With the release of Ubuntu Feisty, I yet again welled up with enthusiasm for a Linux desktop. Finally, something that’ll work, I thought. I created a partition on my desktop at home, as well as my laptop, both which […]