X-E1: reading between the pixels

As I noted in my earlier post, the X-trans sensor in the Fuji X-series cameras seems to have amazing noise performance even at high ISO.. to a degree that seems unreasonable. Apparently, others have noticed the same thing, and a plausible explanation is that the camera is applying noise reduction when generating the RAW image […]

X-E1 vs GH2

Still trying to decide whether an X-E1 is a worthwhile upgrade to the GH2. Clearly the video capabilities on the X-E1 are worse, but I’m really looking for the photo IQ, and here’s a pretty shocking example of what the difference could be. Below is a comparison of GH2, x-pro1 (which has the same sensor), […]

naming external drives

Random trick I learned about after all these years: if you use the Disk Management console in Windows 7 to reassign a drive letter for an external device, windows tries to give that device the same drive letter the next time you plug it in. Which makes it possible (unless you have a bajillion drives) […]

A series of events over the last week or so culminated with this personal outburst on Facebook. Spent all morning figuring out why my PC at home suddenly became allergic to all USB wifi adapters. Looks like it might have been a bios update. Had to downgrade to make it work again. I think I […]

What the.

Comparing two usb network cards by copying files on my home network. TP-LINK WN-822N USB 802.11n 2×2 2.4ghz: 2 MB/s peak. Trendnet TEW-684UB USB 802.11n 3×3 dual-band @5ghz: 11MB/s peak. Pretty depressing to think I was living with the 2MB/s for so long. I guess is the silver lining in the recent flakiness I’ve been […]

Problems with USB3?

After ranting about backup strategies, I went out and bought a Seagate Expansion external 3TB USB 3.0 drive. Simple enough right? Turns out the damn thing doesn’t wake up when you resume the computer from sleep. Googling around shows other users with the same problem. Interestingly, it appears that users of other brands of external […]